Shaving cutters
Shaper cutters
Chamfering tools
Rolling gear tester, master gears and other checking equipments
Racks and rolling dies
Gear grinding
Diamond dressing rollers
Bevel gears
Cutting oils
Metal-sheet Dies
Mechanical parts
Single point cutting tools
Mill cutters
Die nuts for external threads
Grinding wheels
Material and treatmensts


Consultant for gears manufacture
Consultant for technology of gear cutting tools
Gear cutting tools and machines tools for cylindrical gears
Hobs, Shaving cutters, Shaper cutters, Chamfering tools, Racks and rolling dies, Broaches
Gear grinding machines (form and generation method)
Rolling gear tester and master gears

Non technical
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This WEB site has been made in order to give technical information  to all engineers operating in the gear and mechanical field.
Here you can find basic information and more deep notions both about every type of gear cutting tool and working technology of cylindrical gear.
You can also find thechnical information about the production and control of mechanical parts, specially used in automotive industry.
The site will be continuously up-dated by add more information.



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Last up-date: November 10 - 2013